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The Tiny Spider

by Cindy Crowe
spider web

My youngest daughter and I were attending a Fall Ceremony in 2006 at Anishnawbe Mushkiki to feast the changing of the seasons and feast our sacred items. We were inside the round cedar lodge housed within the industrial type building accommodating the Anishnaabek[1] Health Access Centre. This is a very beautiful lodge which marks the […]

Grey Wolf Comes into my Life

by Cindy Crowe
Black Bear

I started seeing her about ten years ago. She appeared to me three times before I understood what the significance of the sightings was. I saw her on the short regional road between Highway 129 just past Chapleau on my way to the Sultan logging road. She was on the left side of the road, […]

My Wakeup Call

by Cindy Crowe
Cindy Crowe with a chickadee

More than eleven years ago, I suffered an emotional episode (they used to call it a nervous breakdown). At the time, I thought it was because of the termination of a relationship. Of course today I know better. When we don’t listen to those messages that we are receiving every day, the universe will send […]

Before I Remembered Who I Am

by Cindy Crowe
Tree branch with water droplet

Please let me introduce myself and inform the Creator who is sharing these thoughts: Memashkegaabowek ndizhinikaaz (My Spiritual Name is Standing Strong). Adik ndoodem (My Clan is Caribou). This is actually my second Spirit name and I will be retelling the story of how I received my first Spirit name in 2003 in an upcoming […]