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Two Small Beings From Another Planet

by Cindy Crowe

It was an ordinary day in my life and I was heading out to nature to enjoy some solitude and connection to Spirit. I was walking at one of my favourite places to walk, Boulevard Lake which is a man-made lake within the urban setting of Thunder Bay, my home. I was born in what […]

My First Experience With the Little Rock People

by Cindy Crowe

As I have mentioned before, I was not raised with my native culture, language or traditions. I have always felt extremely close to native people and remember even as a child that the attraction to these people was very strong. If there was a native person in the room, you would probably find me right […]

Igniting the Sparks of Passion Around the World

by Cindy Crowe

During the Christmas holidays following the visit from the snowy white owl, Spirit was constantly urging me to go out into the world and do Spiritual workshops. Really? Similar to the battle that I had when I was told that I was a lodge keeper back in 2007, my ego kept wrestling with me saying […]

Visit From Spirit on Christmas Day 2014

by Cindy Crowe

Last Christmas I volunteered to host the Christmas dinner and gift exchange and so on for myself and my five children and their significant others. The previous few years had been hosted by my oldest daughter and she was very pre-occupied with a vision quest that she was on and my youngest daughter was very […]

My Gift From Another Dimension

by Cindy Crowe

In 2004 while I was learning how to listen to myself and remembering who I am, I spent the summer on the ‘pow wow trail’ just ‘being’. I met some new friends and became reacquainted with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I do not remember exactly how this happened but I had asked […]