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10 Steps to Happiness

by Cindy Crowe

Were you aware that your natural state is a state of bliss? Think about that for a second. Let it sink in. I was pleasantly surprised to remember this. I say remember because what we think we are learning or experiencing in this lifetime, we already knew. We simply need to remember. This particular remembering […]

Identifying and Honouring Your Life Purpose

by Cindy Crowe

I don’t remember being aware of the concept of life purpose until I went through my breakthrough in early 2004. Since then I have come to appreciate the importance of identifying and honouring one’s life purpose. My belief is that we all need to focus on what we are passionate about in order to be […]

How Does Your Business Impact Your Community?

by Cindy Crowe

Since I have been self-employed, I have been grateful for the ‘giving back’ opportunities provided to me as an entrepreneur. I have the freedom to work in capacities that match my own personal values, something that I was not always able to do when I worked for someone else. I can bring positive changes to […]

Loving and Kind Approach to Cultural Competency Training

by Cindy Crowe
Four Colours

Two weeks ago, on February 17, the provincial government announced mandatory Indigenous cultural competency and anti-racism training for its 60,000 Ontario Public Service employees (  Our organization tweeted our congratulations to Kathleen Wynne. When we gather in a circle, we’re all equal. We support this crucial move forward. #IndigenousWorldview — Blue Sky Community (@BlueSkyCHC) […]