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Why do we have such a deep need to tell stories? Why do we as humans crave to tell our own story? Even if no one is actively ‘listening’, we are constantly writing our own biography. We don’t all live our lives the same way but we are all in a perpetual state of narration.

Our stories carry a lot of power. What we tell others shapes the way they feel about us, intentionally or not. What we tell ourselves shapes the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Again, intentionally or not. We can however, use this to our advantage. We can intentionally, tell ourselves we can do the task at hand. This helps us gain confidence.
I think the need to tell our stories is fueled by the desire to connect with others. I think humans are an interesting dichotomy of wanting to be individual yet also wanting to belong.
~ Cynthia Nault
Telling your story helps others to see themselves in you. It helps them relate to how you feel. It also may provide insight on their own story. Perhaps illuminating an otherwise invisible silver lining. Your stories, both victories and defeats, may help another person understand a lesson they’ve been struggling with.

Welcome to Blue Sky Community Healing Centre’s blog. We hope that the stories written by our staff/volunteers will help explain the concept of Blue Sky. We invite you to rewrite your own story and recreate yourself.

Blue Sky Community Space Fund

by Cynthia Nault
Northern Credit Union Partnership Banner Small

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Northern Credit Union on this new campaign to help us raise money to keep Your Community Space open. Northern Credit Union’s True North Adventure Game is online! Play now! Remember to select Blue Sky Community Space Fund to Earn Coins for Blue Sky! Donate to our campaign or […]

The Greatest Love Story

by Cindy Crowe
rainbow waterfall

I have led a very colourful life (so far). My ethnic background is Ojibwe (from north of Lake Superior), Cree and French (from northern Manitoba), and English (straight from England). Having an Anishnaabe Spirit (Anishnaabe – I understand this to mean beings lowered down from the sky) while being carried in a white body presented […]

10 Steps to Happiness

by Cindy Crowe

Were you aware that your natural state is a state of bliss? Think about that for a second. Let it sink in. I was pleasantly surprised to remember this. I say remember because what we think we are learning or experiencing in this lifetime, we already knew. We simply need to remember. This particular remembering […]

Identifying and Honouring Your Life Purpose

by Cindy Crowe

I don’t remember being aware of the concept of life purpose until I went through my breakthrough in early 2004. Since then I have come to appreciate the importance of identifying and honouring one’s life purpose. My belief is that we all need to focus on what we are passionate about in order to be […]

How Does Your Business Impact Your Community?

by Cindy Crowe

Since I have been self-employed, I have been grateful for the ‘giving back’ opportunities provided to me as an entrepreneur. I have the freedom to work in capacities that match my own personal values, something that I was not always able to do when I worked for someone else. I can bring positive changes to […]

Loving and Kind Approach to Cultural Competency Training

by Cindy Crowe
Four Colours

Two weeks ago, on February 17, the provincial government announced mandatory Indigenous cultural competency and anti-racism training for its 60,000 Ontario Public Service employees (  Our organization tweeted our congratulations to Kathleen Wynne. When we gather in a circle, we’re all equal. We support this crucial move forward. #IndigenousWorldview — Blue Sky Community (@BlueSkyCHC) […]

Working With Indigenous Communities Could Improve Your Financial Bottom Line

by Cindy Crowe
green grass

I have had the great opportunity of working with the Indigenous community since 1994 when I moved myself and my family back to my traditional homelands along the north shore of Lake Superior. My formal education was civil engineering technology however I quickly realized that my combined family heritages (Indigenous ancestry and European ethnicity) afforded […]

Importance of Diversity Training in the Workplace

by Cindy Crowe

With all the financial pressures and time constraints currently being experienced by industry, government and corporations, why would any of these organizations want to take time to conduct Diversity Training?  And yet it is one of the most important things that you can ever do in the workplace. From a business perspective, it is understood […]

Honouring the Guides

by Cindy Crowe
Grey Wolf

I have been feeling inspired lately to share the significance and the philosophy of the teaching lodge, mandate if you will.  There are many ancestors and spiritual beings guiding the lodge.  Today I will introduce you to the first two that made themselves known to me:  initially the Clear Blue Sky (Ozhaawashko-Giizhig in Ojibwe) made […]

This Circle is Complete

by Cindy Crowe

In the spring of 2012, I remember discussing with the universe the workload that I had as the lodge keeper of Grey Wolf Traditional Teaching Lodge. I was tired and very overwhelmed with the responsibility and I was bargaining with the universe that I should not have to ‘physically’ put up the teaching lodges anymore. […]