Blue Sky is very excited about an event that we have coming up in September entitled TreeSpeak. We will be celebrating everything about trees, their leaves and branches, their Spirits, their wisdom, their strength and the love that they give to us. We will be taking a group out to the stand of white pine at Greenwood Conservation Area on the first day. Then the next day, we will be having a healing ceremony next to the trees by the river adjacent to the CLE. Finally, on the third day we will have a sharing circle at Blue Sky. Download Info sheet or Poster.

This event is to reconnect people to nature and their own Spirits. It will also promote healing for families and the community especially the families of the young men found dead in our local rivers. It will also bring people of all cultures together to foster a better understanding of our cultures and practices. There will be drumming and singing, smudging, pipe ceremonies and feasting each day. People will be encouraged to invite their family, friends and colleagues. Educational institutions, industries and governments will be invited. There will be no barriers these 3 days. There will be no harsh words spoken. The focus will be love. All of us carry teachings and experiences and these individual teachings and experiences need to be honoured and respected. The guidance is coming from the trees and it is time for all to listen.

This work is being prompted through the conversations that Elyse Pomeranz has had with the local trees. Elyse Pomeranz is a grandmother and has been educating children for all of her adult life. She has worked in Waldorf Schools as a class teacher and now mentors and trains teachers in Canada and China. She has been living in relationship with Nature as a conscious presence full of wisdom and knowledge since childhood. She has learned the ways of listening and ceremony through studying with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, participating for many years in Lakota sweat lodges in British Columbia, and she also completed training in art therapy and biography counselling from the Arscura School of Living Art. She completed the program in the North American school of Geomancy with Marko Pogacnik (the Unesco Artist for Peace 2015-2017), and has been conducting research with mature and ancient trees for 5 years in 10 countries around the world. You can see some of the results of this work at

In our preparations for TreeSpeak we have been creating and birthing hand drums with Elders Beatrice Twance-Hynes and Sam Achneepineskum Sr. We have also been hosting drum circles with Elder Beatrice Twance-Hynes to learn drum songs.

There is much preparation for these three days and if you are interested in participating and/or volunteering, please contact us. We encourage you to talk about TreeSpeak on your favourite social media – use #TreeSpeak2016. See Facebook Event.

Two months until #TreeSpeak2016! #UrbanTrees #Trees #Nature #Miigwetch

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